Latinos who live in our country are recognized for being tireless workers, happy people, gifted with persistence and with a solid sentiment for family unity. This all together becomes a mindset that provides a renovating element to the “American Dream.“ The Latino Spirit.

The Latino Spirit springs from a community, jointly arriving last and rapidly growing, not only demographically, but economically, socially and politically jointly with other communities that already make up the “American Dream.”

From being a racial minority nuanced by its own cliches to last in line, the Latino community has new energy and struggles to conquer space in order to make their lives better.

…somewhere in the United States:

Their efforts seem successful from an individual perspective, for these have not being able to develop into collective success that can be fully recognized by the American society. This is why their success is twice difficult; however, when they achieve it, it is truly valued. The Latinos are like a little brother, that was born when everyone was already an adult, but with that disadvantage in a life timeline they learned to walk fast and to make a difference.

We are rebuilding America.